Father of Two Dies After Snake Bite

A father of two has passed away after being bitten by a snake inside his home in Queensland, Australia. Neighbors reported the man’s wife’s chilling screams as she waited for assistance. At around 10;00 am on Saturday, paramedics were called to a residence on Eileen Court in Lockyer Valley’s Kensington Grove.

The unidentified man, who was in his 60s, did not survive the incident. According to reports, he passed away before emergency personnel arrived. He leaves behind his wife and two children.

The exact type of snake that bit the man has yet to be determined, pending the results of a toxicology report. Nevertheless, it is assumed to be an eastern brown snake.

According to the Daily Mail, the witnesses stated that the man was an experienced snake handler and had kept several pythons as his pets.

Michelle Vedredi, who lives next door to the site of the tragedy, was at work when the incident occurred. She was contacted by multiple people, including friends and family, asking if she was alright due to the presence of a helicopter, four ambulances, and police cars.

She told the Courier Mail on Saturday. She reported that one of her neighbors had informed her that they could hear the man’s wife shouting for help before the paramedics arrived.

Furthermore, Ms. Vedredi told the outlet that she noticed an eastern brown snake, one of the most toxic snakes found in Australia, in her backyard a few days before the tragedy occurred. The snake traversed her yard and disappeared beneath the fence leading to the man’s residence.

Heather McMurray, a contractor at Sunshine Coast Snake Catchers, told the New Zealand Herold that the season for snakes in Queensland is currently at its highest, running from October to April.

She told the outlet, “The heat and the humidity is certainly bringing the snakes out – the pythons are loving the humidity, and the brown snakes are loving the hot, dry days,”

The most recent fatality due to a snake bite in Queensland was in November when a woman was bitten in North Burnett.