Former Co-worker Implicated in Kidnapping of Woman

In Stafford, Texas, a woman was abducted from her home on Wednesday and later found in Galveston, bound and blindfolded. The alleged kidnappers included a former co-worker, according to local law enforcement.

The victim, who wished to remain anonymous, was reportedly kidnapped outside her home in Fort Bend County. She recounted her terrifying experience after being released from the hospital, stating that the kidnappers had waited for her, pulled her into a vehicle, and covered her head with sheets, making it difficult for her to breathe. Despite being dehydrated and suffering from an injured arm and heart issues, she remained hopeful of returning to her children.

The incident occurred around 6 a.m. on Pecan Lane, close to Texas Parkway in Stafford. Police responded to a call about a woman screaming and gunshots in the area. Upon arrival, they encountered the victim’s husband, who reported his wife’s abduction. He had witnessed his wife struggling with three men and attempted to intervene but was threatened with a firearm.

A neighbor also reported seeing several men assaulting the woman and forcing her into her own car. The neighbor attempted to scare the assailants away by firing two warning shots. Shortly after the abduction, the husband received a call from the kidnappers demanding a $10,000 ransom and threatening harm to his wife if he contacted the police.

The Stafford police enlisted the help of the FBI in the case. The investigation led them to Sugar Land, where the victim was last seen. Surveillance cameras in the area confirmed the presence of a black Ram pickup traveling with the victim’s stolen vehicle. The pickup was traced back to a man who worked with the victim.

Further investigation led to East Beach Street in Galveston, where the pickup was spotted on camera. Galveston police found the victim lying on the floor of the truck, bound and blindfolded. Three individuals were present at the scene, including one in the driver’s seat, one standing behind the truck, and another acting as a lookout on the sand.

Five individuals were arrested in connection with the kidnapping, including the victim’s former co-worker, identified as Jose Gonzalez Hernandez, also known as Brian Rodriguez Ramirez. The others arrested were Claudia Elizabeth Rojas Rivas, Pablo Mendez Cruz, Kelvin Gustavo Cruz, and William Rondado Ramirez. They were taken to Galveston County Jail and are expected to be transferred to Fort Bend County.