Former ‘Jeopardy!’ Champion Arrested on School Campus

A former convict turned math teacher at St. Ann’s School in Brooklyn, Winston Nguyen, was arrested last week as part of an investigation into the distribution of explicit images on social media. Nguyen, who previously appeared on the game show “Jeopardy!”, had served time in Rikers for stealing $300,000 from an elderly couple. The arrest took place at the prestigious school in front of a group of students, although Nguyen was not charged at that time. The Brooklyn District Attorney’s office is currently conducting an investigation into the matter.

Nguyen’s attorney, Frank Rothman, stated that they are waiting for a decision from the Brooklyn DA’s office regarding potential charges. St. Ann’s School, known for its annual tuition exceeding $60,000, confirmed that Nguyen is a suspect in an ongoing investigation related to the sharing of intimate images on social media. Following his arrest, Nguyen was immediately placed on leave by the school, where he has been teaching since 2020, a year after his release from Rikers Island.

Days after the arrest, the school’s head, Kenyatte Reid, informed parents of the situation, revealing that the investigation, which dates back to January 2024, involves “inappropriate sexualized images”. Reid also stated that Nguyen has been prohibited from contacting anyone in the school community or visiting the premises. This development has caused concern among parents and raises questions regarding the school’s hiring process.

Nguyen’s previous experience in Rikers was a result of his exploitation of an elderly couple, whom he used as a source of funds, stealing over $300,000 while working as their home health aide. During his time in prison, Nguyen raised objections to the conditions at the Department of Corrections, even going so far as to call into a radio show to discuss the matter with Mayor Bill de Blasio. He later filed a lawsuit against the city.

St. Ann’s School, known for its rigorous background checks, stated that a nonviolent criminal record does not automatically disqualify candidates from employment. The school underscores its commitment to thoroughly assess candidates’ suitability for the school environment.