Four Americans Stabbed in China

Jilin, China – Four American university tutors from Iowa Cornell College were stabbed in a public park, leading to the arrest of a 55-year-old man, according to authorities. The incident, described as a “serious attack,” occurred during the daytime in the northern province of Jilin. The injured instructors were immediately transported to the hospital for treatment, and the Iowa Representative, Adam Zabner, confirmed that his brother was among the victims.

The foreign ministry of China stated that none of the injuries were life-threatening. The police reported that the assailant, identified as Cui, engaged in a confrontation with one of the American tutors before proceeding to stab them. In the course of the attack, three more American visitors and a Chinese tourist who attempted to intervene were also harmed. The group of instructors had been visiting a local temple when they were targeted by the knife-wielding man at Beishan Park in Jilin city.

Expressing gratitude that his brother survived the attack, Mr. Zabner conveyed his family’s hopes for his prompt return to Iowa. He extended his appreciation to the state’s department, the federal delegation from Iowa, and the efforts being made to facilitate his brother’s return. Cornell College disclosed that the four instructors were engaged in a teaching partnership with a university in China and were accompanied by a representative from Beihua University during their visit to the park.

Lin Jian, the spokesperson for China’s foreign ministry, characterized the incident as an isolated event, emphasizing China’s status as one of the safest countries in the world. National security adviser, Jake Sullivan, expressed deep concern about the stabbing and confirmed that the US had been in contact with the victims and Chinese counterparts to ensure their well-being and appropriate law enforcement measures.

Governor Kim Reynolds of Iowa voiced her distress over the attack and urged prayers for the victims’ complete recovery and safe return to their families. Online images of the incident, showing multiple individuals bleeding and lying on the ground, circulated but were swiftly censored on Chinese internet platforms. Limited coverage of the incident in Chinese state media raised questions among internet users, with some seeking further details about the event.

This incident comes as Beijing and Washington aim to strengthen people-to-people exchanges despite tense diplomatic relations. Chinese President Xi Jinping recently announced plans to invite 50,000 young Americans to China in the next five years. However, a US State Department travel advisory has reportedly deterred Americans from visiting China.