Freak Accident Kills American Pro Surfer

Mikala Jones, a beloved US surfer and two-time national champion, died in a tragic accident in the Mentawai Islands of Indonesia over the weekend at the age of 44. Dr. John Jones, Jones’s father stated that the fin to Jones’s surfboard cut his femoral artery, ultimately killing him.

Jones’s daughter, Isabella, expressed disbelief and sadness in an Instagram post, noting the details surrounding her father’s death as a “bad surfing accident.”

The surfer was highly regarded for his skills and passion for the hobby, remembered for GoPro videos and photos of barreling waves that appeared in popular magazines worldwide.

Tributes to Jones have been pouring in across social media, with surfer and writer Brian Bielmann calling him “a wonderful person” and “incredible artist” whose pictures were “mind-blowing.” Jones’s father was similarly effusive, stating that while Jones was a “great surfer, he was an even better person.”

The sad news has shocked and upset the surfing community, with fans mourning the loss of a beloved figure whose life was cut short too soon. However, his generous nature, passion, and skill will not be forgotten. Long after the memories of his death fade away, he will be remembered for a transcendent talent, an unceasing spirit that was kind and humble, and a lifelong devotion to his sport.