Freak Accident with Live Wire Kills Woman and Dog

A tragic freak accident unfolded in Fresno, California, when a woman and her dog were electrocuted after stepping on live wires that had fallen from a nearby power pole.

The incident occurred last month in the vicinity of the 27900 block of Whitesbridge Avenue. The Fresno County Sheriff’s Office reported that the woman and her dog came into contact with the live wires during their morning walk on August 16.

The power pole had been damaged by a fire that had occurred in the same area a few days prior to the incident. The fire had weakened the pole, causing it to drop the live wires. Despite attempts to save her life, the woman and her dog were pronounced dead at the scene.

The victim has been identified as 34-year-old Madeline Kelly from Mendota. Authorities believe that Kelly did not notice the fallen wires due to the early morning darkness. Kelly resided near the location of the incident and her body was discovered by her boyfriend.

Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E), the utility company responsible for the power lines, acknowledged the incident. The company stated that it is working with first responders to investigate the circumstances surrounding the accident. However, it was noted that the company had not been alerted to the fire that had damaged the power pole, as it did not appear to have affected the power lines at the time.

The incident is still under investigation. Kelly’s family has described the incident as “sudden and horrifically shocking.” Kelly’s mother, Melissa Rust, expressed her grief and frustration over the incident, stating that she has been left with more questions than answers. She believes that negligence may have played a role in her daughter’s untimely death.