Garden Grove Man Charged with Manslaughter in Fatal Shooting of Homeless Man that He Filmed

A man from Garden Grove, California has been charged with voluntary manslaughter after shooting and killing a homeless man while jogging with his dogs. Craig Sumner Elliott, 68, filmed the confrontation on video, which occurred over a minor dispute about a blocked sidewalk. The Orange County District Attorney’s Office announced the charges, which carry a maximum sentence of 21 years in state prison.

The incident occurred on September 28 when Elliott was jogging with a pushcart on a sidewalk. Antonio Garcia Avalos, who was sleeping on the sidewalk, was nudged by Elliott’s cart to wake him up and clear the way. Avalos woke up and began yelling at Elliott, demanding that he stay away. Elliott responded by shooting Avalos three times, capturing the incident on video.

Witnesses heard the gunshots and discovered Avalos on the ground with blood emerging from his chest and mouth. One witness, a lifelong neighbor of Elliott, described him as “nice” and shared that Elliott claimed, “He tried to attack me, so I shot him.” Elliott was arrested on Friday and released on bail after paying $100,000.

District Attorney Todd Spitzer cautioned against taking the law into one’s own hands, emphasizing the tragic outcome of the confrontation. Elliott is scheduled for arraignment on December 15.

The shooting has sparked discussions about the treatment of the homeless population and the responsibility of community members to find compassionate solutions for their needs. The legal process will now proceed, where evidence and testimony will be examined to determine the appropriate course of action.

As the trial approaches, the families of the victim and the defendant will seek justice and closure. It is crucial to remember that the legal system will ultimately determine the outcome of this case and provide resolution for all parties involved.