Ghislaine Maxwell Charged With Sex Trafficking Minors

( – As authorities unwind the case against deceased billionaire and pedophile Jeffrey Epstein, his alleged accomplice faces new accusations of gross wrongdoing. Reportedly, Ghislaine Maxwell enabled Epstein’s crimes by recruiting young women and girls and preparing them for exploitation by him. On Monday, March 29, Maxwell was charged with two new sex trafficking offenses.

According to charges filed in a Manhattan federal court, an unidentified victim claimed Maxwell recruited her as a minor for Epstein’s pedophile ring. The alleged victim is currently 30 years old. Minor Victim-4 was just 14 when, according to her, Maxwell first recruited her to provide nude, “sexualized messages” at Epstein’s Florida home in 2001.

Multiple Offenses

Other serious charges also are outstanding against Ghislaine Maxwell. One involves the alleged rape of a South Florida real estate broker. In a lawsuit filed last week, the unnamed alleged victim claims Epstein and Maxwell raped her in front of her 8-year-old son. They also trafficked her to have sex with numerous men, including a local judge.

Maxwell’s Grooming of Minor Victim-4

Although Maxwell knew the young lady, in this case, was a minor, she pursued a manipulative relationship with her based on bribery. The charge alleges that Epstein’s former enabler attempted to normalize abusive and sexual behavior. Maxwell talked openly about sexual topics in front of the minor and was present when the teenager was undressed in Epstein’s massage room.

The young lady was then prostituted over a three-year period. Either Maxwell’s or Epstein’s associates would contact her for massages and sex acts. She received hundreds of dollars in cash as payment after she was abused. Additionally, Maxwell supposedly sent her gifts, including lingerie. She was also paid hundreds of dollars for recruiting other girls under 18 years of age.

Ghislaine Maxwell has already faced numerous sex trafficking-related charges. Those involving Minor Victim-4 include a sex trafficking conspiracy charge and sex trafficking of a minor.

Maxwell is being held at a detention center in Brooklyn awaiting trial on July 12.

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