Girl’s Quick Thinking Saves Younger Sister After Thieves Steal Car

Oak Creek, Wisconsin – An 8-year-old girl’s quick thinking saved herself and her 2-year-old sister after thieves stole their father’s SUV with them inside. The incident occurred on Sunday morning at a Kwik Trip in Oak Creek.

Adam Jorgenson and his daughters, Charley and Autumn, were at the car wash when Adam decided to park the car after noticing that the water had not dried. He left the car running with his daughters inside and got out to wipe the vehicle down.

While Adam was outside the car, he was approached by someone asking for directions. As he turned to respond, he heard the sound of screeching tires. To his horror, he saw his SUV speeding out of the parking lot, leaving with his children still inside.

Charley, the brave 8-year-old, recounted the terrifying encounter. The car thief asked her where the keys were, but she informed him that her dad had them. Realizing she had to act, Charley contemplated whether to run or stay and protect her sister. Ultimately, she decided to stay in her seat, knowing that the thief couldn’t do anything without the keys.

The car was later abandoned at a Batteries Plus Bulbs, with the kids left inside. Fortunately, Adam was able to communicate with his wife, who was tracking the SUV through their phone, leading the police to locate the vehicle and rescue the children.

The Oak Creek Police Department has announced that three individuals, aged 17, 20, and 21, are in custody, and felony charges will be pursued.

Adam expressed his pride in his daughter’s bravery and quick thinking during the dangerous ordeal. The family is undoubtedly grateful that their frightening experience ended safely.

This incident serves as a reminder of the importance of vigilance and awareness, even in seemingly safe environments. Parents are often faced with split-second decisions that can have life-altering consequences, emphasizing the need for ongoing conversations about personal safety with children.