Girl’s Scalp Ripped Off in Vicious Dog Attack

OMAHA, Nebraska – A 4-year-old girl is on the road to recovery after a vicious dog attack last month left her with severe injuries. According to an Omaha Police report, Lillianna Stratman was attacked by a dog while visiting her mother on February 20. The attack resulted in a ripped scalp, a broken cheekbone, torn ligaments in her neck, and multiple stitches all over her body. Stratman, who has spina bifida, is expected to undergo multiple surgeries, as stated by her great aunt on a GoFundMe page.

Upon arriving at the scene, police discovered that Stratman’s mother, Danielle Stratman, allegedly attempted to hide from them at her boyfriend’s residence to change her bloody clothes. The police report revealed that the dog, a Cane Corso-mastiff mix owned by Greg Preister, was not present at the time of their arrival. However, Animal Control later located the dog at Preister’s home. The canine was voluntarily surrendered to the Nebraska Humane Society, where it was euthanized and tested for rabies. Thankfully, no diseases were found during the examination.

In addition to obstruction charges, both Stratman and Preister were arrested. Stratman faces charges of child abuse, domestic assault, and violating a no-contact order, while Preister was cited for harboring a dangerous dog and property damage caused by a pet. The status of their legal proceedings is currently unknown.

Meanwhile, the local community has rallied behind the young girl, contributing over $3,000 to her GoFundMe campaign. Numerous messages of support have poured in, demonstrating the public’s empathy towards Lillianna and her family.

As Lillianna continues her recovery, her father has gained custody of her. The case serves as a reminder of the potential dangers associated with certain dog breeds and the importance of responsible pet ownership.