Good Samaritan Killed While Lending A Helping Hand

Indiana firefighter killed when stranded motorist he stopped to help opened fire, police say – NBC News

A police officer by the name of Zachary Holly pulled over to assist a motorist who had run out of gas. Firefighter Jacob McClanahan saw the officer with the motorist while he was off duty, and decided to pull over and help.

McClanahan also worked with the Harrison County Highway Department, so he was qualified to offer some roadside assistance to the stranded motorist.

Moore revealed that he was in possession of a knife when asked if he was armed with any weapons. The firefighter asked the motorist to place the knife back in his vehicle.

The investigation reveals that Justin Moore fired a shotgun at Officer Holly before striking Jacob McClanahan. Officer Holly returned fire, killing Justin Moore.

McClanahan, 24, was a volunteer firefighter and highway crewman. He will be deeply missed by his friends and loved ones.

Jacob McClanahan was murdered while stopping to render aid, and his GoFundMe page has so far raised almost $20,000 – more than double the original goal. He was described as an “amazing young man” and “a great asset to our community.”

Police said McClanahan was a good Samaritan who was trying to help.

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