Google Employee Jumps to Death Off 14th Floor of NY Headquarters

The untimely death of a software engineer at Google’s Headquarters in New York City has sent shockwaves through the tech giant and the entire community.

On Thursday night, a 31-year-old software engineer tragically jumped from the fourteenth-story of the Tech’s Headquarters. The person’s identity has yet to be released, while the family is informed.

Reports came to 911 when a passerby noticed a person lying on the ground near the fifteen-story building at West 15th Street.

A quick response from local authorities transported the man to Bellevue Hospital, but unfortunately, the medical team could not revive him and pronounced him dead.

Law enforcement sources say that handprints were found on the fourteenth-floor terrace, but no suicide note nor video evidence was discovered.

This recent tragedy comes several months after another employee of the same firm, Jacob Pratt, was similarly found dead from an apparent suicide in a residential dwelling in Chelsea near West 26th Street and 6th Avenue.

The devastating news of the Google engineer’s death has substantially impacted those at the firm and throughout the community. This poignant event indicates the integral role mental health awareness and the provision of support for those with suicidal thoughts play in everyday life.