Governor Wins Victory Against Vaccine Passports

( – While many Democrats are working overtime to restrict Americans’ rights, liberties, and privacy, one Republican governor consistently stands up and declares he won’t tolerate it in his state.

In May, Royal Caribbean International cruise lines stated proof of vaccination would be required for passengers intending to set sail on their ships out of Florida. That’s against state law, and Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis shot back. The result is a win for those who value their rights and believe their health information should remain confidential.

DeSantis warned the cruise line that if they tried to impose a vaccine passport, he would enforce Florida’s new anti-vaccine passport law and fine the company $5,000 for each violation. On Friday, June 4, Royal Caribbean announced that it’s reversing its vaccine passport policy. The revised policy states that guests are “strongly recommended” to be vaccinated.

Florida isn’t alone in working to protect citizens’ rights and privacy. Over the last month, nearly half of the states banned vaccine passports.

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