Gunfire Erupts at Oklahoma High School Football Game

A high school football game in Oklahoma turned into a scene of terror on Friday night when gunfire erupted, leaving four people injured. The incident occurred around 10:15 p.m. at Bill Jensen Field at Choctaw High School during a rivalry game between Choctaw and Del City.

Choctaw Police Chief Kelly Marshall confirmed that four individuals, including a student, sustained gunshot injuries. The student, who suffered a thigh wound, has since been released from the hospital. The condition of the other three victims remains uncertain.

The shooter, described as a black male wearing a gray hoodie, is still at large. Although no suspects have been apprehended, three individuals were detained for questioning. The shooting took place during the third quarter of the game, causing players and spectators to scramble for safety.

In the midst of the chaos, a Del City Police officer discharged his weapon, according to Del City Police Chief Loyd Berger. However, it remains unclear whether the officer’s gunfire hit anyone or anything. An off-duty officer was also present at the game, providing security when the shooting occurred.

In response to the incident, at least 35 officers from various local departments rushed to the scene. The panic following the initial shots was described as coming in waves, creating a frightening situation for those present.

Footage from the game’s live broadcast, provided by Skordle.TV captured the terrifying moment when the shots were fired. The video shows players and spectators in the stands rushing for cover. The in-game announcer can be heard instructing everyone to “get down” in the stadium.

Choctaw High School, where the incident took place, is located 25 miles east of Oklahoma City. The investigation into the shooting is ongoing, with authorities still searching for the suspect.