Horrifying Discovery: Woman Chained in House

A Louisville man was apprehended by local law enforcement on Friday afternoon, following a harrowing incident in which a woman was found chained to the floor of a house in the Park Hill neighborhood. The suspect, 36-year-old Moises May, is now facing multiple charges, including kidnapping, wanton endangerment, and assault.

The incident began on Wednesday evening when police were alerted to a two-story house on Bolling Avenue. Neighbors had reported hearing a woman’s desperate cries for help. Upon arrival, officers observed a visibly distressed woman through a second-story window.

Attempts to gain entry through the front door were thwarted by a barricade. Undeterred, the officers located a ladder and climbed through the window, a sequence of events that was captured on video and later circulated on social media.

Inside the house, the officers discovered a chilling scene. The woman was found with a chain around her neck, secured by a padlock, and bolted to the floor. The officers managed to free the woman by forcibly removing the chain from the floor.

Following her rescue, the woman received immediate medical attention from the Louisville Metro EMS and the Louisville Fire Department. Details of her condition have not been disclosed.

Court documents reveal a disturbing backstory to the incident. May and the woman had reportedly been arguing when the situation escalated to physical violence. May allegedly used a machete to cut the woman’s hair and threatened to kill her if she left the house again. He also confiscated her phone to prevent her from seeking help.

May is currently being held on a $100,000 cash bond and is scheduled for arraignment on Saturday morning. The charges against him also include intimidation, terroristic threatening, and harassment.