Huge Explosion at Metal Factory Kills 1 and Injures Several Others

On Monday, a fatal explosion at an Oakwood Village metal plant run by I Schumann & Co. occurred, resulting in the death of one person and the injury of thirteen others, as reported by Fox News.

Witnesses reported that the blast occurred shortly after 2 pm at the factory, which produces copper alloys.

Following the incident, multiple fire crews were deployed to the scene, and the injured were promptly taken to a medical facility, with one of the victims in a critical state.

It was reported that various individuals had suffered burn injuries and that all personnel was accounted for, with one extra person receiving medical attention at the site.

As of 5 pm, the bulk of the fire had been put out, although firefighters were still working on putting out the remaining hot spots. The cause of the explosion and fire is still unknown.

Stephenie Davis, who worked in Oakwood Village, told CNN that the entire building shook.

She went to a nearby window and reported that she saw a “huge cloud of black smoke” coming from a building less than 1000 feet away. Davis and her coworkers went outside to investigate and saw debris on the roof and the parking lot, with some windows blown out and cars, damaged.

Davis, as reported by the outlet, described everyone as being in shock, observing the building from which the smoke was coming from. There was then a minor boom, leading people to leave in their cars or enter back into the building for safety.

The Twinsburg Fire Department urges citizens to remain away from the area as the crews finish their work.