Human Smugglers Are Using Facebook to Advertise Services

( – While conservatives are being censored on Facebook, NBC reports that the social media giant may be ignoring bad actors taking advantage of desperate migrants. It appears human smugglers are using the platform to advertise their trafficking services to Central Americans who want to come to the United States.

The advertisements are exploding in number as demand for the traffickers’ services surges. According to the Department of Homeland Security, smugglers are offering false hope through social media misinformation campaigns. The coyotes, as human traffickers are sometimes called, allege that the Biden administration will welcome migrants with open arms. One ad says that for $8,000, the traffickers will make the process of entry to the US easy and 100% safe.

The ads use pictures of people blissfully making the journey north to fulfill all their dreams. These marketing efforts are alluring, as evidenced by the comments. People are posting questions and interacting with the smugglers as if they were travel agents.

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