Iconic Comedian and Actor’s House Burglarized

Los Angeles, CA – Actor and comedian Marlon Wayans recently shared on Instagram the details of a burglary at his home. Despite the harrowing experience, Wayans assured his followers that everyone is safe and unharmed. In a video message, the actor humorously pointed out that the robbers had chosen the wrong target, as his house held no valuable items of worth stealing.

Wayans expressed gratitude to those who reached out to check on him after the incident, emphasizing that there was little to take from his home. His possessions mainly consist of two cats and a 1994 Range Rover with a dead battery. playfully mocking the robbers, Wayans advised them to “save their energy” and find a more worthwhile target.

According to sources, the burglary occurred in the early hours of Saturday, June 29. Wayans’ brother, Keenen, was present in the house but initially overlooked the sound of the robbers breaking into the property through a window at the back. It was only the next morning when one of Wayans’ staff discovered the break-in, and it was reported that several thousand dollars in cash and a safe were stolen.

Despite the seriousness of the situation, Wayans maintained his trademark sense of humor throughout his Instagram post. He reiterated that his house held no significant valuables, urging potential robbers to choose a better target. Wayans’ ability to find humor in adversity is a testament to his unwavering positive spirit.