Plane Crash Kills 3 After The Aircraft Crashes Into A House

3 people killed in light plane crash near Duluth airport
3 people killed in light plane crash near Duluth airport – Duluth News Tribune Police and fire departments located the wreckage of a Cessna 172 airplane in an unlikely place. Three people died in the lethal crash- two males from Burnsville and a female from St. Paul. The wreckage of a small plane was found […]

Suspect Of Kidnapping Who Used Baby As Human Shield Gets Tased

BODYCAM: Kidnapping Suspect Tased While Holding Baby As Human Shield Outside McDonald’s -Breaking 911 Brandon Leohner, 27, was arrested Tuesday on charges of kidnapping after driving recklessly through Palm Coast with the child unsecured on his lap. The couple had argued, but the confrontation did not turn physical except when Leohner became paranoid and accused […]

Man Stabbed To Death In Conflict Over Holding The Door Open

Cool-headed NYC union steamfitter fatally slashed on L train tried to avoid confrontation; ‘It’s just crazy,’ says devastated girlfriend – New York Daily News Police are actively searching for the killer who stabbed a rider to death on the L train on Friday night. The victim was 43-year-old Tommy Bailey from Canarsie, and he was […]

Possible Serial Killer On The Loose

Serial Killer On The Loose
An $85,000 reward is being offered by a California city in connection with the investigation of five recent homicides that are believed to be linked. During the period between July and September, five men were shot dead early in the morning or late at night in Stockton. Stanley McFadden, Stockton Police Chief, said investigators have […]

Seven Americans Detained In Venezuela Traded For ‘Narco Nephews’

Seven Americans who were wrongfully detained in Venezuela for “years” returned to their homes on Saturday, according to President Biden. “Today, after years of being wrongfully detained in Venezuela, we are bringing home Jorge Toledo, Tomeu Vadell, Alirio Zambrano, Jose Luis Zambrano, Jose Pereira, Matthew Heath, and Osman Khan. These individuals will soon be reunited […]

Wild Video: Massive Wave Hits Miami Beach Injuring Six

Massive Wave
Six people were sent to a hospital with “minor injuries” after a large wave swept them off a sidewalk at South Pointe Park pier in Miami Beach on Friday morning.  A spokesperson for the city said the incident occurred around 10:45 a.m. The area is currently closed until further notice. Two men and four women […]

Tesla’s A.I. Day Features A Humanoid Robot. Here Is The Scoop.

Tesla Bot
On Friday, Tesla revealed a prototype for a humanoid robot that could become a future product. The robot, dubbed Optimus by Tesla, walked stiffly on stage at Tesla’s AI Day, slowly waved at the audience, and gestured with its hands for about a minute. Musk revealed that this was the first time the robot operated […]

Robbery Suspect Shot Dead By SWAT Team After Pointing Gun To K9’s Head

Photo by Marisa Teruel on Unsplash
GRAPHIC: Suspect Shot Dead By Arizona SWAT After Pointing Handgun at K9’s Head -Breaking 911 A fleeing bank robbery suspect, 49, has been shot dead by an Arizona SWAT team for pointing a gun at a police dog’s head. This occurred after the dog had tackled him to the ground. Officers and SWAT team members […]

Putin Claims Annexed Land In Ukraine Part of Russia. Zelenskiy Says He Will Never Negotiate With Putin.

Ukraine Annexed
As Putin faced a potential serious military reversal, he proclaimed Russia’s annexation of a swathe of Ukraine in a pomp-filled Kremlin ceremony. As the largest annexation in Europe since World War Two, the Russian declaration of rule over 15% of Ukraine was roundly rejected by Ukraine and western countries. New sanctions were announced by the […]

U.S. Navy Sailors Get Sick From Drinking Water Contaminated With Jet Fuel

Five sailors are sickened after water tanks aboard USS Nimitz were contaminated with JET FUEL: Emergency procedure to flush out water supply fails within days -Daily Mail The Navy acknowledged five sailors’ health issues on Thursday, two weeks after jet fuel was first detected in the water supply aboard the USS Nimitz aircraft carrier. The […]

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