Israeli Couple Hid Their Twin Babies Before Being Murdered by Hamas

In Kfar Gaza, Israel, a young couple’s twin infants were found alive in a bomb shelter, nearly 14 hours after their parents were killed in a home invasion by Hamas militants. The couple, Itai and Hadar Berdichevsky, both 30, reportedly attempted to fend off the attackers but were tragically killed.

The Berdichevsky family lived in Kfar Gaza, a southern Israeli town located approximately three miles east of Gaza. The twins were discovered by Israeli troops who handed them over to their grandmother. This incident is part of a larger conflict between Israel and Gaza since the Palestinian terrorist group launched a surprise attack on the border.

The conflict continues to escalate as Israeli warplanes retaliate with heavy bombardment of the Gaza Strip. The Israeli government has plans for a coordinated offensive. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has likened Hamas to ISIS in a recent speech, vowing to destroy the group. He stated that the atrocities committed by Hamas surpass those of ISIS, including the execution of children and extermination of entire families.

In response to the escalating violence, Israel has mobilized a significant military force. This includes 173,000 troops, 8,000 elite commandos, 300 tanks, and heavy weaponry, all stationed on the border with Gaza in the town of Sderot. An additional 300,000 reserve troops have been mobilized and sent south in anticipation of a possible invasion.

The situation in Gaza has become increasingly dire as Israel imposed a “complete siege” on the area, including a ban on food and fuel entering Gaza and an immediate cut-off of the water supply. The death toll continues to rise on both sides.