Jerry Springer Dies at 79

Jerry Springer, a figure of controversy and large influence in the world of television, has passed away at the age of 79 in his Chicago home. According to TMZ, Jerry’s passing was due to a brief illness, with sources claiming it to be pancreatic cancer diagnosed just a few months ago.

First emerging on the scene in the early 70s as mayor of his hometown Cincinnati, Springer made a name for himself in his successful one-term lead of the town.

Soon after, Springer rose to fame with his infamous and long-running talk show ‘The Jerry Springer Show’ starting in the early 90s. Initially focused on issues of political nature, the show eventually shifted directions in the late 90s and made its mark as a major television hit. It resolutely wrapped up after 27 years on television in 2018.

Serving as a memorable and final performance on the small screen, Springer held a secret spot as ‘The Beetle’ on Fox’s hit show ‘The Masked Singer,’ performing a classic Frank Sinatra tune with many wrapped in surprise.

Springer’s undeniable impact on television and pop culture has left an indelible mark. His iconic show was extremely popular, making a loved individual out of him many. He was an apparent maestro of awry, catchy episodes and golden entertainment to some.