Landlord Kills Young Couple on Front Lawn of Residence

On May 27, a horrific tragedy occurred at a home in Stoney Creek, Ontario, when a argument went horrifyingly wrong. Carissa MacDonald and Aaron Stone, a young couple, were allegedly shot and killed on the front lawn by their 57-year-old landlord following a tenet dispute.

Hamilton Police Service was reported to the scene in the 300 block of Jones Road and confirmed that both tenants were dead. The landlord had barricaded himself inside with several firearms legally registered under his name.

Negotiators tried to solve the situation peacefully, with no luck persuading him. He reportedly fired shots at the armored vehicle, followed by a police shoot-out. The landlord was fatally wounded by police-issued fire. He died on-site, as said by the Special Investigations Unit (SIU), which responded after being informed of the occurrences.

Detective Steve Bereziuk, interviewed by Toronto’s CP24, revealed that the victims, both of whom had done nothing wrong, were running away when they got shot. He was quoted saying, “These are people who this doesn’t happen to. They had nothing to do with any sort of unlawful behavior.”

The Homicide Unit is still in the process of conducting an investigation. Multiple witnesses have been questioned and have been compliant with the police. Law enforcement is still asking members of the public to come forward with any knowledge they may have.