Latest Donald Trump Poll Is Bad News for Democrats

( – Former President Donald Trump remains extremely popular among Republicans. For President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, however, the situation is less rosy; their failures in key policy areas are starting to get under the skin of American voters.

So, how is the next presidential race looking right now? According to a new poll released by McLaughlin, Trump is gaining support in critical groups. In June, 80% of GOP voters said they would support the former president if he runs in 2024. In August, this increased 2 points to 82%. Sixty-six percent of likely Republican voters said they would vote for Trump in a GOP primary. The next closest was Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis at 11%.

If a presidential election were held today between Donald Trump and Kamala Harris, 49% of all likely voters would cast a ballot for Trump, compared with 46% for Harris. In the all-important group of independents, Trump leads the current sitting vice president 48% to 43%.

Perhaps most telling of all are the statistics around the group that helped elect Biden in 2020, suburban voters. The poll suggests that suburbanites are shifting once again after getting a taste of Biden/Harris. Trump currently leads this vital group 51% to 44%.

Of course, 2024 is a long way off, and anything could happen between now and then. However, the primary debate season kicks off in two short years, and things are looking good for Donald Trump so far.

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