Lawsuits Stirring Over Social Media Addiction In Kids

California Parents Could Soon Sue for Addiction to Social Media – PetaPixel

Kids are growing up with easy access to technology and constant updates on devices. As a result, the ages of social media users are getting younger and younger.

Although most social media platforms require a minimum age for signing up, there’s no real regulation to help ensure that young kids are steering clear of these apps.

A major problem following these young users is a spike in addiction to social media. Parents are at a loss trying to figure out how to help their kids and give them tools to escape the grip of the virtual world.

California lawmakers passed a bill that would allow parents to sue social media companies for $25,000 per violation if their children become addicted to their products. Business groups have warned that social media companies would cease operations for children in California rather than face the legal risk.

The Assembly passed a bill protecting children from social experimentation on Monday. The bill now heads to the state Senate for hearings and negotiations.

The bill would let parents sue social media companies for harming children who become addicted to their products. The bill gives social media companies two paths to escape liability in the courts: remove addictive features by April 1 or conduct regular audits.

The bill only applies to companies that have a minimum of $100 million in gross revenue in the past year.

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