Lewd Sounds Heard During Bible Study Leads to Prostitution Ring Bust

SAN DIEGO, CA – A massage parlor in San Diego has been forced to close its doors after authorities uncovered an illegal prostitution ring operating under the guise of a legitimate business. The investigation into Ocean Spa on Kearny Villa Road lasted for several months, with San Diego Police receiving numerous complaints about illicit activities taking place on the premises, including reports of people engaging in sexual acts in cars and loud sex noises disrupting neighbors.

The closure of Ocean Spa was announced by Mesa City Attorney Mara Elliott on Tuesday, following a court order to shut down the establishment. The investigation revealed that the spa had been operating as a front for illegal prostitution, with online advertisements promoting the illicit services. At least four arrests have been made in connection with the case.

The impact of the activities at Ocean Spa extended beyond the immediate area, with a Bible study group that was located next door for years eventually opting to move out due to the alleged activities. residents have long complained about the business, raising concerns about the noise and disturbing behavior taking place.

Authorities have emphasized their commitment to cracking down on such establishments and protecting the community from these criminal operations. City Attorney Mara Elliott condemned the actions of the spa’s owners, stating that they had been masquerading as a legitimate business for too long and had no place in the community.

The investigation, which involved undercover detectives, gathered substantial evidence against Ocean Spa and its staff, resulting in the arrests. Documents filed by the city outlined complaints from locals about increased traffic, sexual sounds emanating from the premises, and employees wearing sexually explicit clothing since 2018.

Law enforcement agencies and city officials stressed their determination to root out criminal activities masquerading as businesses, pledging to not stand idly by while these establishments violate the law and exploit local communities.

The closure of Ocean Spa marks a significant victory in the ongoing battle against illegal operations and prostitution rings. Authorities hope that the closure sends a strong message to other businesses engaging in similar activities and serves as a warning to those involved in illicit operations that they will face the consequences.