Liberal Publication Deletes Story Amid Backlash

( – A progressive online publication has generated a ton of negative publicity over what it considered a positive story. Love What Matters claims to be a website dedicated to sharing “good news.” Recently, publishers of the liberal website posted a same-sex couple’s story of joy, fear, and incredible heartache over personal choices. The story was so controversial that the progressive site pulled it from their website.

The story chronicled a pair of married women who decided they wanted to have children. However, they got more than they bargained for after receiving an artificial insemination. A five-week ultrasound revealed that the pregnant woman wasn’t just carrying twins or triplets. She was pregnant with five healthy babies. The women struggled to decide whether:

  • To abort the babies.
  • To sacrifice one of their two jobs so one of the couple could raise the children at home.
  • To pursue a “selective abortion” in which one or more, but not all, babies would undergo termination.

They chose to abort three of the five babies. In incredible detail, Love What Matters shared the mother’s experience as if it were a love story to the two children born at the expense of the three who were terminated.

On the Love What Matters Instagram page, pro-life groups expressed dismay over the way in which the publication painted the story as a celebration of selective abortion of babies instead of as a tragedy. After thousands of negative comments, Love What Matters took the story off their website.

Even considering liberal standards for things like this, it’s incredible the story was ever published.

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