Man Allegedly Beats His Mother to Death with Wine Bottles

Police in North Miami Beach were called to an apartment on June 11 just before 9 p.m. after receiving multiple 911 calls. Upon arriving, they found the husband of 64-year-old Connie Cuesta distraught, claiming his wife was dead and cold to the touch. A neighbor reported loud banging and yelling earlier in the day.

At the crime scene, officers spoke with the victim’s son, Sean Cuesta, who had visible scratches on his arms and a laceration on his forehead. He was taken to the police station for an interview and admitted to having been with his mother all day, leaving between 5 p.m. and 7 p.m. to buy food. He was then allowed to leave and went to an aunt’s house in Hialeah, where his strange behavior prompted his family to call authorities. Sean Cuesta was under mental health supervision through Florida’s Baker Act and was released on June 16.

After Sean Cuesta was released, he allegedly told his Aunt, “Meme, I killed my mother.” After further investigation, detectives claimed to have discovered that Sean Cuesta had gotten into a fight with his mother and hit her with multiple blunt objects, including two empty wine bottles found near the body. He also allegedly stabbed her four times in the head with a knife in his backpack. He then attempted to clean the excessive bleeding scene before showering, changing his clothes, and fleeing. He is currently in a jail cell, awaiting trial.