Man and Mistress Executed After Throwing His 2 Children Off High Rise Apartment Building to Start New Family

CHONGQING, China—A Chinese couple has been executed after they were convicted of murdering the man’s two children from his previous marriage in order to start a new family together. Zhang Bo and his girlfriend Ye Chengchen were believed to have been put to death by lethal injection on Wednesday, following the approval of their death sentences by China’s top court.

The crime took place in 2020 when Zhang threw his two children, a 2-year-old girl and a 1-year-old boy, out of a high-rise apartment window from the 15th floor in Chongqing. The court determined that Ye forced Zhang to commit the murders, as she saw the children as an “obstacle” to their future life together. Ye also helped stage the deaths to appear as an “accidental” fall.

The couple’s death sentences were originally handed down in 2021, but a lengthy appeals process led to a second trial. The Chongqing High People’s Court upheld the original ruling, and their sentences were deemed appropriate by the Supreme People’s Court.

China’s most common method of execution is lethal injection, although the exact details of the couple’s execution were not disclosed.

Zhang had begun an extramarital affair with Ye without disclosing his marriage and children. After divorcing his first wife, Ye pressured Zhang to kill his two children in order to remove what she considered as obstacles to their relationship.

The crime sent shockwaves across China due to its calculated nature and the young age of the victims. It quickly became a trending topic on Chinese social media, with many expressing relief that justice had been served.

The execution of Zhang and Ye serves as a grim reminder of the tragic consequences that can arise from domestic disputes and the impact it can have on innocent lives. The case highlights the importance of addressing conflicts and seeking help in a non-violent manner.