Man Arrested for Posing as Security Guard, Breaking Into Apartments

A Florida man, Abdul Woodside, 28, also known as Abdoul Jabbar Woodside, has been apprehended by the police for allegedly posing as a security guard at a luxury apartment complex and committing a series of burglaries. Woodside is accused of stealing cash and valuables from residents, and in one instance, even entering an apartment while the occupant was in the shower.

Online court records reveal that Woodside has been charged with several crimes, including burglary, trespassing, falsely impersonating an officer during the commission of a felony, grand theft, and misdemeanor battery. He has also been issued multiple stay-away orders in relation to the alleged burglaries that occurred in Miami’s Wynd27 and Wynd28 apartment complexes.

Residents of the apartment complexes had reportedly been complaining about a suspicious man lurking in the buildings prior to Woodside’s arrest. According to the local ABC affiliate, WPLG, police were provided with Ring doorbell video footage from one apartment at Wynd27. The footage allegedly showed Woodside going from door to door, attempting to open them until he found one unlocked.

One resident reported that his wife was cooking when Woodside entered their apartment, pretending to be a security guard. Another resident claimed to have been in the shower on April 7 when they heard someone, believed to be Woodside, enter their apartment. The resident later discovered that their watch, worth $600, and their wallet had been stolen.

Other residents reported seeing Woodside in their hallways, dressed in attire resembling a generic security guard uniform. However, they were aware that their building did not have assigned security personnel.

Court records indicate that Woodside is scheduled for arraignment on May 29. He has declared indigent status and a public defender has been assigned to his case.