Man Charged with Murder After Beating Son to Death and Burning Him with Hot Water

Six months after his son tragically died due to severe burns and other injuries, Murtadah Mohammad of New Hampshire has been charged with his murder. Police said that Mohammad showed extreme indifference to the value of his son’s life by subjecting him to abusive violence and not getting him timely medical assistance.

The victim, 7-year-old Jaevion Riley, was the son of Mohammad. Mohammad was already arrested for multiple charges, including first-degree assault. The New Hampshire Department of Justice stated that these charges will be dropped and the prosecution will move to the Attorney General’s Office to pursue the murder charge and any associated charges.

On January 17, police responded to a home on Eastern Avenue after receiving a report of a 7-year-old suffering from severe burns to his face and body. They also noted that the boy was not conscious or breathing. Mohammad allegedly told first responders that he was in the shower and didn’t see how his son got hurt. However, authorities said that there were no signs of someone recently taking a shower. The defendant then informed police that he used force and hot water to discipline the child, according to the affidavit. He was arrested on January 19.

Rainah Riley, mother of Jaevion, described the horrific scene when she arrived to the hospital where he was being treated after being severely abused. She stated that it looked as if he had been burned by boiling water or oil, or set on fire, and that he had also suffered blunt force trauma to the head and his tooth had been kicked out.

Riley had reported signs of abuse, including bruising, to the New Hampshire Division for Children, Youth and Families, but she was met with no response. She voiced her frustration, asking “when is enough enough?”

A DCYF spokesperson cited the need to protect children and family confidentiality in response. Jaevion never recovered from the assault, and passed away on January 24th. An investigation, including an autopsy, was ongoing at the time to determine the cause and manner of death.