Man Casually Executes Homeless Man in Broad Daylight

On the 27th of February, a man shot and killed a homeless man in St. Louis, MO. A traumatic video surfaced showcasing the heinous act. The suspect, Deshawn Thomas, was seen dressed in a blue hoodie and standing just a few feet from the unidentified homeless man.

Thomas was recorded as he first attempted to charge his gun – a process lasting around thirty seconds. Suddenly, the stillness was broken by a loud bang as Thomas pulled the trigger, and the victim raised his hands in despair.

The tragedy occurred outside the former spot of the St. Louis Globe-Democrat newspaper, now inhabited by a data center. Witnesses state that the two characters were involved in an altercation only moments prior near a gas station on the same street. Scurrying away, Thomas was detained after entering a public library hours later.

This episode has ignited substantial frustration towards St. Louis’ officials. One community member stated, “This is broad daylight! Have we seen enough?” hinting at the shortcomings in the city’s administration. Others expressed their outrage regarding the powerlessness of authorities when it comes to curbing violence, with one declaring: “Our elected leaders do NOT have a handle on this.”

Consequently, Thomas has been charged with first-degree murder, and the justice system is further processing him. The incident shows the pressing need for more efficient strategies to decrease the levels of violence in St. Louis and other American municipalities.