Man Charged with Murder as Police Discover Remains in Los Angeles Backyard

Los Angeles, CA – A man has been charged with murder after the remains of a missing person were uncovered in his Los Angeles backyard. On November 21, the buried remains of Carlos DeLeon, a 35-year-old Guatemalan national, were found in the rear yard of a residence in the North Hills neighborhood. Acting on information received about DeLeon’s death and the burial location, the Los Angeles Police Department obtained a search warrant for the property.

According to an LAPD spokesperson, a structure at the rear of the property was removed, along with its concrete foundation, leading to the discovery of DeLeon’s remains. The sprawling one-acre property exhibited recent alterations near the swimming pool area, where the remains were found. Photos shared by the LAPD showed an extensive effort by police and Los Angeles Fire Department (LAFD) Search and Rescue officials as they excavated the rear yard.

The resident of the home, 48-year-old Russell Robinson, was arrested on a murder charge, as confirmed by the LAPD. Robinson has been booked at the LAPD Valley Jail without bail. LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton stated that there is a connection between Robinson and DeLeon, suggesting Robinson’s direct involvement in the ongoing homicide investigation.

The LAPD commenced their investigation into DeLeon’s disappearance in mid-June after his friends and family reported no contact from him. The police have not provided any details regarding the length of time DeLeon’s remains were buried or the specific cause of his death.

Further details regarding the case and the investigation have not been released by the LAPD.