Man Dies After Going Down Hotel Water Slide

On Monday, a tourist tragically died after taking a ride down a water slide and hitting his head on the concrete bottom of a hotel pool in Southwest Turkey.

Ali Cilga, 65, is believed to have been warned not to go down head first at a five-star resort in Manavgat, located in the Antalya Province.

The incident on June 26 was captured on video and showed other swimmers continuing to swim without noticing Cilga in distress.

A man, presumed to be a lifeguard, rushed into the water and pulled Cilga out before giving him CPR. He was then taken to a hospital, where he sadly passed away on Monday.

It was reported that Cilga was at the hotel to celebrate Eid al-Adha, one of the biggest holidays on the Islamic calendar. An investigation is being carried out, and the Manavgat Public Prosecution has ordered an autopsy at the Antalya Forensic Medicine Institute.