Man Dies Under Trapped Car as Bystanders Rob Him

Phoenix, Arizona – A father in Phoenix tragically lost his life after becoming trapped under his family’s car while attempting to repair it. The heartbroken family of Jeronimo Garcia Guerra has revealed that instead of rushing to his aid, bystanders chose to rob him. Guerra remained trapped for hours before someone finally called 911 and the police arrived.

According to the family, when the police reached the scene, they discovered that not only had thieves stolen everything from Guerra’s pockets, but they had also looted the car he was working on and even stolen the vehicle he arrived in. The disturbing incident occurred in a parking lot just two miles from Guerra’s family home.

Monica Garcia, Guerra’s daughter, explained that her father had driven her car to the parking lot after her own vehicle broke down. He arrived at around 9:45 a.m., but it wasn’t until noon that the police were called. Nobody knows exactly when the car fell on top of Guerra or how long he had been trapped underneath.

Although her car was later found abandoned not far from the scene, Garcia emphasized that the focus should not be on the robbery. She emphasized that her father was someone’s husband, a grandparent, and a beloved friend, and losing him was an immeasurable loss.

As of now, the police have not made any arrests in connection to the incident, and their investigation is ongoing.