Man Gets Caught with Wife’s Lifeless Body, “My father-in-law is going to kill me”

FORT WORTH, Texas – A Texas man, Christopher Paul Robertson, 33, called 911 shortly after he allegedly killed his wife, according to the Fort Worth Police Department. Documents state that Robertson confessed, saying, “My father-in-law is going to kill me.”

Robertson was arrested on Sunday and is currently being held on a $100,000 bond for the murder of his wife, Kristlynne Robertson, 34.

Police were already conducting an investigation, with the defendant’s own brother serving as a key witness. The brother had been away from the residence for several days before returning on Friday. Upon his return, he found Christopher heavily intoxicated and noticed a foul odor emanating from his bedroom.

As the brother approached the room, he discovered Kristlynne’s lifeless body wrapped in a tarp. Alarmed, he quickly removed Christopher from the house, called for help, and secured the handgun from Christopher’s room. He later handed the weapon over to the police.

Officers responding to the call found Kristlynne’s body in a bedroom on the south end of the residence. She had been shot in the face and was shirtless, with the tarp serving as a makeshift wrapping for her remains.

Although police briefly spoke with Christopher Robertson, they noted that he was too intoxicated to comprehend their questions or provide coherent responses. A search warrant for the residence was obtained the following morning, and on Saturday afternoon, at 12:41 p.m., Robertson called 911 and confessed his crime, stating, “I actually killed his daughter” and “My father-in-law is going to kill me.”

Detectives met with Robertson at his home on Sunday, where he repeated his admission to shooting his wife and handed over the gun used in the crime.

Investigations are ongoing, and Christopher Paul Robertson remains in custody pending further legal proceedings.