Man Kills 4, Including Teen Daughter that Refused Relationship with Him

Florida police have reported that a 36-year-old man has committed a quadruple homicide, including his own daughter, who he had been trying to reconnect with.

The horrific tragedy happened in Florida, in Canaveral Groves, on Wed. A 9-year-old called a relative via FaceTime and informed them of what was occurring.

Surveillance footage captured numerous gunshots and a woman screaming at around 1 am.

The relative, still on the call with the child, drove over to the house and discovered four people dead- Kiarra Terwilliger (15), Constance Marie Terwilliger (35), Glenda Terwilliger (63), and Michael Andrew Watson (63). Two boys (6 and 9) were found safe in the home, with the 9-year-old being the one who contacted the relative.

Sheriff Wayne Ivey said law enforcement identified Domenico C. Gigante as the suspect after a relative told police he had been trying to reconcile with his daughter but had been denied.

Court documents revealed Gigante told his roommate he was growing agitated with his daughter and stated on Tuesday, “I guess I’m going to go over there and kill them all.”

The roommate provided video evidence of Gigante leaving an hour later in a truck that was seen driving into the house’s driveway before the shooting.

Gigante was apprehended on Wednesday and has been charged with four counts of first-degree homicide. Records show the suspect has a criminal history, including animal cruelty and aggravated battery with a deadly weapon.

Sheriff Ivey expressed shock and outrage at the fact that a person with a history of violence dating back to 2005 was able to commit such a heinous crime against an entire family.