Man Kills 4 Then Opens Fire on Interstate

A shocking tragedy occurred Tuesday morning in Bowdoin, Maine, when Joseph Eaton, 34, shot and killed four people and wounded three others in two separate locations.

The first incident happened at a residence in Bowdoin, a rural town approximately 30 miles northeast of Portland, where responders found four victims dead.

The shooting continued 25 miles south of Bowdoin on Interstate 295, wounding three individuals, one of them critically. A car with several bullet holes was witnessed near an off-ramp near the highway shooting.

Authorities have yet to reveal the victims’ identities and the shooter’s motive. Eaton, a Bowdoin local, has been arrested by the Maine State Police and is expected to appear in court later this week.

In the aftermath of the tragedy, Maine Governor Janet Mills expressed her distress, praising the first responders and sending her wishes to the ones affected. The Governor said, “This incident shakes our state and communities to the core. I pray for the victims and their families.”

The Bowdoin tragedy has left the local community in shock. Investigators are working hard overnight to process the scenes and interview witnesses. The town mourns the victims as it struggles to make sense of the violence.