Man Kills and Dismembers Pregnant Sister, Claims Sister was ‘No Longer Innocent’

HASTINGS, Minn. — A Minnesota man has been arrested for allegedly dismembering his pregnant sister, claiming she had lost her innocence. The shocking incident unfolded on May 23 when the family members of the victim, identified as Bethany Israel, noticed her daughter had not returned after having dinner with her brother, Jack Joseph Ball.

Ball is facing two counts of second-degree murder, one for his sister’s death and one for the death of the unborn child.

According to the Dakota County Attorney’s Office, a family member went to the residence where the siblings had eaten dinner and saw Ball leaving the scene. Disturbed by the sight, they went inside and discovered a significant amount of blood. Concerned, the family member immediately called the police.

Responding to the call, the police found a gruesome scene. Investigators uncovered bloody knives and dismembered body parts, which they believe belonged to Israel. Prosecutors allege that Ball was found in Rosemount after a neighbor reported that he had placed a body part on their front step. At the time of arrest, Ball had a self-inflicted wound on his neck.

Authorities obtained Ball’s journals during the investigation, where he expressed resentment towards his sister’s pregnancy, believing it had made her “no longer innocent”.

County Attorney Kathy Keena expressed her shock and horror at the allegations. Keena stated, “The allegations in this case are deeply disturbing and horrific – words can’t describe what our law enforcement partners encountered during the investigation.” She assured the victims’ family that her office would work tirelessly to ensure justice is served.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to support Israel’s grieving family. The page describes Israel as a beloved figure in the volleyball community, radiating kindness and leaving behind a void that cannot be filled.