Man Places Several Pipe Bombs Under Neighbors House

A New Hampshire man has been arrested for allegedly planting several pipe bombs underneath the porch of one of his neighbor’s homes on Sunday.

Under state law, the use of an “infernal machine” is considered a class A felony. An infernal machine is any device that can cause damage or endanger lives through fire or explosion, even if it is disguised to look harmless.

The incident occurred after a call came in Sunday afternoon of a suspicious-looking package being found at a residence on Oak Street, according to Laconia Police Chief Matt Canfield.

Police then found a video of the suspect allegedly leaving a package under the residence’s porch, which was believed to contain illegal drugs. However, officers instead discovered the package was filled with pipe bombs. After the New Hampshire State Police bomb squad confirmed the pipe bombs were “live” via an X-ray, a robot was used to transport the package away from the area, and a shelter-in-place order was established for five hours.

The suspect, Michael Tortorello, allegedly admitted to leaving the package and described its contents to police.

He is being detained without bond. Under New Hampshire law, class A felonies can be punished for up to 15 years and a $4,000 fine.

There is currently no known motive for the suspect’s actions.