Man Pleads Guilty to Killing 4 Chinese Nationals on Marijuana Farm

HENNESSEY, Oklahoma – A man has pleaded guilty to the murder of four people at a marijuana farm near Hennessey. Wu Chen, the identified killer of four Chinese nationals, was apprehended in Miami, Florida, days after the victims were discovered. Chen, captured on body camera footage during his arrest, made his first court appearance and expressed no desire to return to Oklahoma, citing fears for his safety. Authorities have confirmed the marijuana farm where the incident occurred was an illegal operation.

The plea deal reached on Friday comes after almost a year and three months since the victims’ deaths. Brook Arbeitman, former spokesperson for the Oklahoma State Bureau of Investigation, emphasized that the murders were not random, but rather appeared to have been a deliberate act.

Chen, speaking through a translator in a Florida courtroom, expressed his willingness to remain in jail indefinitely, stating, “I want to stay here. However long I have to stay in jail, I don’t care.” He claimed to fear for his life if he were to be returned to Oklahoma, asserting that the individuals involved in the marijuana operation were part of a mafia.

The investigation into this tragic incident revealed the illegal nature of the marijuana farm, painting a picture of a purposeful act rather than a random act of violence. Footage captured by law enforcement body cameras during the initial response to the incident depicted the urgency to secure the area and apprehend the potential shooter.

As legal proceedings continue, the guilty plea underscores the seriousness of the charges and the loss suffered by the victims’ families. The case serves as a grim reminder of the dangers associated with illegal activities and the devastating consequences that can arise.