Man Kidnaps and Viciously Tortures Woman

Sammy Joe Martz, 47, of West Virginia, has been taken into custody, according to the Philippi Police Department, on Wednesday, on charges of kidnapping after police say he “tortured” a woman with a butane torch while keeping her locked up in her residence.

The police got an emergency call on Tuesday from the Anglin Run Subdivision from the woman who said she was hiding under the porch of her neighbor’s home.

She reported that Martz had hit her in the face, and her eye was shut. When the officers arrived, she said she was “tortured” by Martz, who had struck her all over her body, sat on her, and burned her with a butane torch.

The victim informed the police that Martz had threatened to kill her and had burned her with a torch on her stomach and leg. Furthermore, she said that there was a gun in the house.

When the officers entered the residence, they saw Martz come out from the back bedroom. They also discovered a clear crystal substance, a significant amount of methamphetamine, and an unloaded rifle hanging from the living room wall.

According to the complaint obtained by Law and Crime, Martz admitted that he had harmed the woman. He claimed he struck her and used a torch to burn her on at least three occasions.

In addition, the woman reported to an investigator at Broaddus Hospital that Martz had prevented her from leaving for four to five hours.

Consequently, Martz is being held without bond. Further charges are pending as the investigation continues.