Man Shot and Killed in McDonald’s Drive-Thru

MESA, Ariz. – A tragic incident unfolded in Mesa, Arizona, as a man lost his life in a dispute at a McDonald’s drive-thru during the early hours of Saturday morning. Daniel Betker, 22, was shot multiple times after engaging in a verbal altercation with Carlos Heard II, 26, and a group of individuals. Despite being rushed to the hospital, Betker succumbed to his injuries.

Mesa police swiftly responded to the shooting, which took place near Country Club Drive and Southern Avenue. Through surveillance footage, law enforcement successfully identified Heard’s vehicle using the license plate information. They later apprehended him at a Mesa apartment complex. Authorities conducted a search of Heard’s residence and found a firearm that matched the one used in the shooting, along with other evidence. Heard is now facing charges of second-degree murder, endangerment, and disorderly conduct.

An ongoing investigation seeks to uncover the motive behind the altercation between the two parties. Detectives are actively interviewing witnesses, aiming to gather additional information surrounding the incident.

Given the gravity of the situation, anyone with knowledge regarding the incident is encouraged to reach out to the Mesa Police Department with any pertinent details.