Man Suddenly Dies Hiking in Zion National Park After Suspected Cardiac Event

ZION NATIONAL PARK, Utah – A 63-year-old hiker from San Diego, California, tragically lost his life in Zion National Park on Friday after experiencing what park officials believe to be a “cardiac event.” The hiker was found unconscious on the popular West Rim Trail, near Scout Lookout.

Upon receiving the report, park rangers swiftly hiked to the man’s location, equipped with essential medical supplies including an automated external defibrillator and a heart monitor. They discovered other park visitors valiantly performing CPR on the hiker.

For the next hour-and-a-half, rangers diligently worked alongside the bystanders, using the defibrillator and continuing CPR in an attempt to revive the man. Despite their efforts and consultation with a doctor, the hiker was pronounced dead.

Superintendent Jeff Bradybaugh expressed condolences to the hiker’s family and gratitude to the bystanders who provided assistance. While the exact cause of death is still being investigated, preliminary evidence suggests a cardiac event.

As a precaution, the West Rim Trail, situated in the heart of the park, was temporarily closed but has since reopened. Over 20 crew members, including search and rescue workers, paramedics, and a park ambulance, responded to the emergency.

Zion National Park spans southwestern Utah and is located approximately 360 miles south of Salt Lake City.