Man Uses Drone to Peer into Woman’s Bathroom

On Wednesday evening, police in Cranston, Rhode Island responded to a call from a woman who reported that a drone was hovering outside of her bathroom window.

As she had just arrived home from work and was preparing to take a shower, the woman heard a buzzing noise and went outside into the backyard, upon investigating, noticed the drone. She managed to grab the drone before it could take off and disabled it by submerging it in her pool, before calling the police.

Through their investigation, the police were able to trace the drone to Christopher Jones, a convicted sex offender whose requirement to register as such had ended in 2015.

When officers arrived at Jones’ Midland Drive home, they spoke to a woman who identified herself as his mother. She stated that she was unaware of her son having a drone and expressed that the alleged victim was likely upset, but was unwilling to speak further about the case. Jones admitted to operating the drone when questioned.