Man Allegedly Attacks His Father and Slits His Throat

A Pennsylvania man was arrested on Sunday, April 2, in Chambersburg, PA, and charged with attempted homicide after brutally attacking his elderly father, who had to be transported to a Level-1 trauma center for treatment.

Christopher Thomas Rhone, 43, has a history of violent assaults against his family members, having previously set his grandmother’s home on fire while she was still inside.

According to the Pennsylvania State Police, when they arrived at the scene of Rhone’s attack on his father, they found the elderly man “dripping blood” from the neck and face, with “multiple puncture wounds and lacerations to the neck, head, and face” sustained during the assault.

WEEO-FM reported that While waiting for a life flight helicopter, the victim reportedly told authorities that he was sleeping on his couch when his son — later identified as Rhone — awoke him and began attacking with a knife taken from the kitchen.

According to WEEO-FM, while waiting for the life flight helicopter, the father stated that he was sleeping on his couch when his son Rhone woke him up and began assaulting him with a knife taken from the kitchen.

Rhone was taken away by local law enforcement and is currently being held without bond at Franklin County Jail. He is set to face trial at Magisterial District Judge Duane K. Cunningham’s court on April 3.