Manhunt Ended After Man Shoots at Officers

( – Law enforcement officers put their lives in danger on a regular basis as they combat violent crimes committed against communities across America. On any given day, they don’t know if they’ll be seriously injured and may not make it home to their families. In Tampa Bay, Florida, 20-year-old Ma’at Lee fired almost a dozen gunshots at Hillsborough County Deputy Geovanny Rodriguez.

Early Sunday morning, October 31, Lee was pulled over by Deputy Rodriquez on suspicion he was driving a stolen Jeep Grand Cherokee. That’s when the suspect began firing a barrage of gunfire through the windshield of the deputy’s police car. Fortunately, Rodriquez wasn’t hit and was able to return fire as Lee fled the scene.

Police discovered the vehicle after learning that Lee had committed numerous serious crimes. Unfortunately for the community, it took two days before the police were able to find the suspect. On Tuesday, the police arrested Lee but didn’t provide any further information.

Officials did state they would not tolerate senseless crimes and shooting at law enforcement in Hillsborough County. The authorities pledged that Lee would face justice for crimes committed against innocent citizens in the community.

Police charged Lee with various charges including armed robbery and the attempted murder of a law enforcement officer.

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