‘Lethargic’ Teen Found in Man’s Bathroom with Hickeys

Michael Horne, a 53-year-old man from Kokomo, Indiana, is under arrest for allegedly facilitating the heinous act of child sex trafficking.

Reports of the boy’s whereabouts reached the Tell City Police Department, which notified local law enforcement about the missing teen.

Upon arriving at the address provided by the tip, authorities found the juvenile near a bathroom door, “lethargic” with hickeys covering his neck.

When officials questioned Horne about harboring the boy in his home, he confessed to sleeping in the living room while allowing the teen to sleep in his bed. Horne abruptly requested a lawyer when asked whether his DNA would test positive on the child’s body.

Sources say electronic devices found during the property search bore evidence of child sexual abuse.

The Kokomo neighborhood community was shocked to learn of the situation. Horne has been charged with the ‘promotion of child sex trafficking’. Additionally, there is speculation more charges will be brought to the Howard County Prosecutor’s Office.

Child sex trafficking is the crime of modern-day slavery involving illegally exploiting children for sexual gain. It is an issue that ravages millions of teens across the globe, with seriously damaging effects on the victims.