Missing Tennessee Motorcyclist Survives Days in Ditch Near His Home

HEISKELL, Tennessee – A 27-year-old motorcyclist, Taylor Boyle, who went missing while on his way to pick up McDonald’s breakfast, was found alive nearly three days later in a ditch less than a mile from his home. Boyle had last been heard from on a Sunday morning and was reported missing earlier on Tuesday. A team of dedicated friends, concerned for his well-being, eventually located him at the bottom of a 15-foot embankment near Heiskell, a community roughly 12 miles northwest of Knoxville.

Boyle was lying in the ditch near his damaged motorcycle. He had suffered a concussion that left him unaware of the dire situation he was in, despite spending 60 hours there since reportedly crashing the bike into a tree. His friends found him alert and talking and described the harrowing rescue.

A friend, Brandon Lawson, explained how he spotted Boyle’s motorcycle wheel, which led them to the hidden rider. The group expressed their relief at finding him and said they were determined to do whatever it took to locate their friend.

Boyle was rushed to the hospital with a dislocated elbow, a concussion, and a small brain bleed. Doctors have noted that he faces a “long road to recovery.” Remarkably, a McDonald’s biscuit Boyle had picked up for one of his friends was still wrapped inside his backpack when he was rescued.

Boyle’s friends are grateful that they found him, considering the challenging circumstances. They credit their determination and consider it a miracle that they were able to locate him.