Missing Woman Found Dead After 10 Days

The remains of a 20-year-old Texas woman named Madeline Pantoja were discovered in Midland City following her disappearance 10 days prior. It was reported that Pantoja was last seen on May 10, with witnesses claiming to have heard arguing coming from her apartment. Considering this, her ex-boyfriend, Mario Juan Chacon, 24, is being eyed as a possible suspect.

Midland Police arrested Chacon on Saturday, after Pantoja’s remains were found roughly 15 minutes away from her apartment. It is known that Chacon had the only key to her apartment, which was locked when investigators arrived. Pantoja’s keys, purse, phone and pet were still inside.

Pantoja was scheduled to meet with a friend on the 11th, but she never showed up. After many unanswered calls and texts, the friend got in touch with Pantoja’s family, and a maintenance worker unlocked the door for a welfare check. Her friend, Jasmine Hernandez, shared that it was unlike her to cancel plans or ignore communication.

On the 18th, Pantoja’s close friends and family held a protest outside the Midland Police Department, feeling that the investigation into her disappearance was not being taken seriously. It is currently unknown who found her remains or how they were discovered.

Chacon has been charged with murder, and is yet to make his first appearance before a judge. No bail or bond information has been made available. The cause of death is still unknown, but an autopsy will be conducted in Dallas County.