Mother and 2 Children Found Dead in Home

In Semmes, Alabama, a horrifying murder-suicide case has left the community in shock. Authorities reported on Friday that a woman allegedly drowned her two young children before hanging herself in their home on Evergreen Court.

According to Mobile County Sheriff Paul Burch, the investigation into the tragic incident is ongoing, despite the fact that no one will be prosecuted for the children’s deaths. Burch expressed his intent to delve deeper into the case.

Autopsies revealed that the victims, 2-year-old Jacob Johnson and 5-year-old Mia Johnson, died from drowning. The evidence suggests that their mother, Nancy Margaret Johnson, was responsible for their deaths before she took her own life. The specific motive behind these actions remains unclear.

Sheriff Burch noted that the children’s father, who is estranged from Johnson, discovered the bodies and alerted the police. The father has been cleared of any suspicion, with Burch stating that his alibi was corroborated and he was truthful in his statements.

In a chilling twist, the day before the killings, Nancy Johnson handed a purple suitcase to her neighbors. The suitcase contained clothes, a small amount of cash, her phone, and a note implying that if anything happened to her, her husband would be responsible.

The couple’s tumultuous relationship history includes allegations of abuse, a protective order, and two separate divorce filings. Court documents also indicate that Nancy Johnson had mental health issues.

In a court filing from June, the husband’s lawyers expressed concern for Nancy Johnson’s mental health, citing a Department of Human Resources caseworker who felt it was unsafe for the children to remain in her care. Sheriff Burch believes the children should have been removed from the home.

The Department of Human Resources is cooperating with law enforcement in the investigation but has not provided further comment.

The couple had attempted to reconcile their differences, even dismissing their divorce case in June. However, their reconciliation was short-lived. The local police department had responded to multiple domestic disturbance calls at the Evergreen Court address.

The tragic events unfolded before a new custody arrangement could take effect, leaving the quiet cul-de-sac community in shock and disbelief.